Product Idea

The Striker Mech N1-0

Thanks for checking out my second mech build! The build contains about 400 pieces and contains some superb building techniques. This build was built in, and was rendered there as well. The colors that come with this moc are transparent red, chrome gold, medium stone grey, copper ink, dark stone grey, and some other printed pieces. 

Now you might ask why I named this build N1-0. The N stands for NANSBRICK, the stands for the number one, and the 0 stands for the mech's code number. The name Striker means that this mech is in the striker class of mechs. 

The body of this mech is very simple, but also has many cool pieces on it. The first cool element is the smooth tile plates that line the body. The plates make the mech look more realistic, (if they are real) so it can attack it's enemies much better. The rest of the body contains some other grey elements, and some other light grey bricks.

The legs and arms are both the same, (each are equal) and they have other cool elements like the body of the mech. The arms both have a few angled plates that are for defense and attacking it's worst enemies. The legs contain some shield pieces and a some other flat tiles. 

Thanks for supporting and commenting on this build! Make sure to share and support my other mech build. The King Mech Battle