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Batman World - The Hardsuits

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*** Batman World - The Hardsuits - The storyboard ***
In this episode, Batman & Robin are requested to save the world from some mysterious and dangerous aliens. It seems to be aliens ..., as nobody knows so far who is behind this new and imminent threat : well known vilains or ... brand new ones ?

Fortunatly, Batman & Robin can count on their new hardsuit / mecha, designed for fighting super vilains, on earth and skies as well.

*** My MOC, mini scale spirit ***
I thought that it will be cool to build some hardsuit / mecha for Batman & Robin, they deserve it, dont you thing so ?
Coming up next : The Night Patrol , featuring Batman's new Batcycle and a revisited Bat signal.
*** Thanks, Take care, Kiseng ***

Batman : Let's try our new hardsuits Bro !
Robin : Yes ! Hardsuits open up !

Batman : Yeah !!, it suits me very well, I love my new ninja swords !
Robin : So do I !! Check out my terrific new gun Bro !

Robin : Who will dare facing us now ?
Batman : Nobody Bro ! Let's call the R&B Dragons and INVICIBLE we will be !

Mysterious dark voice : Dont be so self confident, you stupid weak heroes ! FEAR US !, AH AH AH AH AH (laughing).

To be continued ...

Discover Kiseng other Batman projects :
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