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Chicago Blackhawks United Center


This is a big set. 3600 pieces and completely awesome. I have the players on the ice, including the goalies, on slides. This gives the opportunity to use the flat plate pieces to give the ice that smooth look, and still let the players move and spin.


The bench includes a couple of extra players for support, and the teams respective Coaches. Across the ice from the benches is the Penalty Boxes and Ice Side Broadcaster.

I've included a partial section of the Stadium Seating, showing seats up against the boards, a VIP Section, and tunnels back to concessions.

Stickers can be applied to the "ice" or boards to show "sponsorship" & "advertisments". The minifigues will have be made with the "jerseys" imprinted or can be stickers.

Thank you for the support and feedback!

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