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Heroica™ War Chess

This is chess with a twist.
All your best strategies may be in vain when you are playing this version.
You play this game just like you would play any other chess game, but when you attack your opponent, you must roll the die to find out what happens.
I got the inspiration for this game from an old computer game called 'Battle Chess' (can't use Battle Chess in the project name as it's Trademarked), I changed the rules to give the game a twist.

How the die works (using the standard Heroica™ die, ignoring the numbers):
Heroica™ Shield = You win the attack and you may move your piece again (MUST be the piece you used in your attack). If your move allows another attacks, the die must be used again.
Sword = You win the attack.
Sword + Skull = Your attack is blocked and you must move your piece 1 field back in the direction you came from.
Skull = You lose and must remove your piece from the board, your opponent can now choose to occupy the field you attacked from.

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