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Frog Racer


This is the first of the Weird Racers set - The Frog Racer

It is a small, yet powerfull car. Decorated with a massive radiator in front and plenty of air inlets to provide it's imaginary V8 with enough amount of air. Despite it's unusual shape, it runs well and doesn't brake apart easily. It is driven by Mr. Mosquito accompanied by his only true friend - Paquito The Frog. The similarity of color scheme with my national colors is purely coincidental.

I will be posting Frog's Racer's friends and opponents soon, so be sure to check out my "Projects" page from time to time. 


The Weird Racers set is a set of racing cars that simply... look weird - unlike many well designed lego racers, inspired by real sports cars or gokarts - they are something you won't ever see in the real world. They are inspired by creations made by kids, who always tend to attach new bricks as long as there is a single stud visible. And they follow the most important Lego principle - creativity without limits : )


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