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The Pixar Triptych!


The Pixar Triptych Film Festival!

As (arguably) Hollywood's finest animation houses, Pixar has created some of the most popular, and touching CG films in Cinematic History.

Also with a historic relationship with The Lego Group, our Triptych proposes to highlight 3 of Pixar's finest films in a triple-model set.

Our prototype features 2 Feature Films, and one representing their famous Pixar Shorts.

Monster's Inc.; With a design that highlights a sentimental image from the 2001 hit film, our "Boo's Door on the Scare Floor" highlights the shape, and intricate detail the animators put into the portal design, however for this initial model, our door sadly doesn't open. The build could include a section for Boo's Room but the design feels strong enough without it.

Inside Out; A Pixelated-Pixar build, featuring 6 of the wonderfully bright characters from inside Riley's head. Featuring a small Core Memory Bank, this section of the project aims to highlight Lego's versatility in it's pixelated, blockhead design.

For The Birds; Any number of Pixar Shorts would make for a fascinating build, and this cute little comedy was selected for it's challenge in building, however, it ended up being much easier, and more effective, than we predicted! 

With 17 Feature Films, and over 20 Shorts, A Pixar Triptych should aim to highlight the titles that have not yet been represented in Lego, whilst our prototype has eliminated the need for any new pieces, or even minifigures, although they would be more than welcome!

Any number of film combinations could be selected for this project, and any future updates will explore that prospect.

We thank you heaps in advance for your support, cheers!

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