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The Pin Art Board | A Desk Toy


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I'm proud to announce my newest project, The Pin Art Board. This project took me a while to finalize because I had to get used to using computer software. I also made this model mostly out of technic pieces because I'm a huge technic builder.   

What inspired you to create this project?

Well just like my other project, the infinity cube, I created this build when I was observing the desk toys I have. I saw this pin art board and remembered how fun it was to play with these things. So I thought, why not make one out of legos and share it with the lego community? However, I didn't have all of the pieces for the design so I decided to construct it in a lego software, studio.

What are some main components of it?

There are 165 neon green axles with a 1/2 bushel on it that would be the pins in a regular pin art board. There is a 1/2 bushel on the top of each one to prevent it from falling through the bottom and as I will expand on more later, there are transparent panels on the top to prevent it from falling from the top of the design.

There are 12 1x4x3 transparent panels to help keep the pins in. These 12 panels are connected to the main design by other transparent plates and 4 black connector bricks. The whole panel together can be easily removed.

These pieces serve as supports and bracing for the design as well as make the design more aesthetically pleasing.

Some other things to say.

Most of the renderings don't have the transparent panels because for some reason the rendering was poorer because of that. This design is constructed of 516 parts and you can download a file of it here. The 4th to the last rendering was an attempt to show what the pin art board can do. While I wanted to make the common example with a hand imprint, I made a digital design and not a physical one, so it was too hard for me to accomplish.

Thanks so much for reading through the whole thing and if you can please support this and check out my other projects here. 

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