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Chess on LE GO


Ah yes... Yet another chess set project! The question on my mind... Is it possible to make a functional portable chess set? If it's made out of LEGO, surely it can!

My requirements:

  • Has a small enough form factor that it can be carried around
  • Can fold and unfold easily
  • Is able to fold and lock into position so that pieces don't fall out
  • Has a locking mechanism that is small enough so that it cannot easily get caught in other things and/or tear/break off.
  • All of its pieces fit inside the folded storage area
  • Can unfold and rest comfortably without wobble
  • Its pieces can snap onto the board and be moved without leaving any parts behind.
  • Is simple yet elegant in design
  • And yes, is robust enough to be used without any KRAGLE

Well, I believe all my requirements have been met. All that's left is to find the budget to build my lovely Chess on LE GO... Unless...

Thanks for the support!

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