Product Idea

Mini Modular Detective Agency

Thank you for looking at my project.

Finishing up my ideas for mini modular buildings (until next year), this one is a representation of the Detective Agency.

Getting the awnings right was probably the most difficult part.  Originally, I wanted to use dark green 1x3 bars (a.k.a. telephone handsets), minifig epaulets or popsicles, but I couldn't find a solution given the limited amount of interior space.  So, the solution I've incorporated simply uses 1x1 brackets from the sides, leaving the center open so that I could attach a few trans-red tiles above the door.

Highlights from this model are: slope brick to represent the stairs going up from the breezeway, arches, using an offset roof, keeping the fire escape 'open' to the ground, using a clip and bar to represent the 'pool' sign, newspaper vending machine and the cat (represented by the 1x1 round plate at the top).

If you like this, please support it as well as checking out the other mini modular buildings I've created.  This completes the five mini modular buildings that haven't been officially created by Lego, which seems like they could be packaged together as a set like last time (hint hint).