Product Idea

Disneyworld Theme Parks Orlando

As first time visitors to Disneyworld, Florida in August 2016 my family and I fell in love with the place and instantly wanted to return. During our stay we made several visits to the Lego store in Disney Springs and bought several sets as mementoes of our first trip to Disney together. 

I was disappointed there wasn't a set directly related to Disneyworld Orlando that was a little more luggage friendly than The Disney Castle and so thought of attempting to come up with something myself.

Drawing inspiration from our family photos, official logos, other micro-build moc's and the Lego Architecture range, I came up with the models you see here. After several attempts, tweaks and re-visits, (along with the practice of my decal production and application skills)  - I ended up with these 4 versions.

I believe these iconic theme park attractions would make a great addition to continued success of the Lego Architecture range, serving as an affordable alternative to the Disney Castle. The builds could also be made available individually to appeal to people's favourite parks (although I prefer the full set)

The four theme park icons I've built are instantly recognisable to anyone who's visited or planning to visit the parks and now fulfil an important part of my collection marking a wonderful family holiday.