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Meteorite Laboratory


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    This set proposal is of a laboratory where meteorite crystals are investigated and analyzed. For the build, I used the LEGO Digital Designer. For the final renderings, I used the LDD to POV-Ray Converter and POV-Ray version 3.7. Furthermore, I built it with the purpose of representing the hard work and skill needed to work in such a laboratory. Laboratories have always been and still are fascinating to me, and I think the credibility and ability needed in such a place is phenomenal to me and to anyone. With that spoken, I had the mindset of driving that point home with this set, and also because who does not love laboratories?


    This set had many features incorporated into it: a swinging door, a stand to hold the meteorite crystal, two areas for each minifigure to work, a roof that can open for better reach inside the laboratory, a magnifying glass to identify the crystal, a periodic table to identify the elements that compose the crystal, a saw to cut the crystal open for better examination by the magnifying glass, and a window with a shade for the minifigures to relax themselves, because even they need a break from work sometimes. These features can be located by looking at the pictures above.


    The two minifigures in this set are Dr. Rick Melinda and Dr. D.B. Warner. Dr. Melinda has always had a certain fascination with crystals and chemicals. He is very experienced in his line of work and loves to have a neat space to work in. He also is a milk-lover. Dr. Warner on the other hand adores the periodic table and has a master's degree in her subject. She loves to drink coffee and in turn comes in with a smile on her face everyday. In the spare time she gets, she is a gardener, especially when it comes to growing flowers, whether at her home or at work during break.


   This entire set was started in early October, so i am finally glad for it to be finished and officially released; if you like this concept, please support it and share it with others. The more support, the better. Updates and more will be posted as the project gains more traction. If you want to leave a comment, please keep it appropriate to the LEGO Ideas guidelines. I do not want for members to get in trouble, especially on a friendly website such as this one. Also, I love getting tips and comments on how to make this project better or on how great it already is, but if you are to leave tips, please leave actual tips that could actually help me and the project. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and check out this project. Again, please share it with others and have a nice day!




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