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Happy BirDday


Happy BirDday to you,

To sweet, to soft, to blue, to pink for you?
But so nice to give, to get or to have!

Imagine: One day you go on maternity visit.
What would you (as a LEGO fan) bring to the fresh family?
No clue? You want to give something to remember, instead of a silly romper?
Don’t need to worry anymore.

Imagine: One day you will be a parent.
What present would you (as a LEGO fan) and your newborn like to get?
Want to be sure you get the right thing?
This adorable stork is fun to get, to build and to show, for parents, siblings and soon for the new born.
Not to difficult to build, thus suitable for any age and for people who are not that familiar with LEGO yet. The Duplo’s are for the baby!

29 cm high (11.5 Inch) with posable head, beak, wings, wingtips and tail.
Stork and base     523 bricks
Extra cap and tie:   15 bricks
2 Duplo figures and  5 Duplo flowers

Did I already mention you need to support to get “Happy Birdday” into the shops?
It is much appreciated.
btw. There is a scary, yet very useful "share" button
Have fun at Ideas, Stephan Niks

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