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Color Sudoku


Here I present a very simple Lego analog of classical Sudoku puzzle. Nine different colors represent nine numbers from 1 to 9. In the beginning you only need to translate each Sudoku puzzle from numbers into colors. Of course it doesn't matter, which color represents which number. After few minutes of solving the puzzle, you will forget about numbers and only see different colors.

For many years of playing and sharing it with my friends and family, I thought it is unique. In fact, this version of Sudoku puzzle is known as the Color Sudoku, quite widespread in the web browser based games and mobile games.

The proposed project was inspired by Lego set 6163: A World of LEGO Mosaic, which I got in 2007. This set included a transparent baseplate 16x16, which could allow a simple construction of the puzzles over color images of Sudoku problems included to the Color Sudoku set.

Enjoy playing Color Sudoku puzzle! Simple, intuitive and endless fun!

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