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Modular Historical Theater

I'm happy to introduce my second large LEGO project, the Modular Historical Theater. I love the modular series, and I think only one type of building is missing: a theater. So I built a theater! I worked on it a lot, and now I think it's quite good! I hope that's what you also think...
  - 2519 bricks
  - approx. 27 bricks* (~26 centimeters) high, ~56 bricks* (~25 centimeters) wide
    (*brick=1x1 brick)
  - 24 seats in the auditorium (17 ground floor seats, 4 box seats, 3 balcony seats)
  - 3 actor dressing rooms (6 actors' place)
  - 16 golden sculptures
  - 20 wall lamps
  - 13 windows (12 smaller one, and a big one (behind the columns))

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