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Skybus from Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Skybus form Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

„Hello Agent, I have a mission for you“


My name is Agent. Brickmax and I am the creator of this Lego set idea



Major Valerian and Agent Laureline, have the mission to save a rare animal, a Mül Converter. This animal has the ability to replicate all kinds of items in the shortest time, but it is endangered, and only one example of it is still alive, which was stolen and is currently on the planet Kyrian, on the Big Market.
Valerien and Laureline manage to save the little animal, but they are now chased by a Megaptor, a hungry and dangerous monster.
Thanks to the help of Major Gibson and Captain Zito, how are also two agents of the UHF (United Human Federation), they are able to leave the Big Market in a skybus. However, the Megaptor is still on their track.
The end of the story is now in your hands, Good luck Agent!


A month ago, I watched the movie and I was fascinated by the different worlds, aliens and vehicles that were in it and I wanted to transfer something from it into lego, but it had to be convincing, so that people who have not seen the film are also convinced of this set idee. The first thing that came to my mind was the flying, yellow school bus. This vehicle fascinated me not only because it looked cool, but also because it looked as if this vehicle could exist and function in real life. And this is exactly what fascinates me about my idea.


Included in the set are: 

- Skybus

- 4 minifigures

- Mül Converter

- Megaptor

- 1948 Parts



- All the engines are connected to each other by gears, so you can move them all at the same time by turning the wheel on the left side

- All doors on the bus can be opened and are accessible for minifigures 

- The roof is removable  

- All boxes on the roof are removable

- The bus offers space for 13 minifuge 

- Legs of the Megaptor are freely movable

- Head and mouth of the Megaptor can be moved freely


 Only with your support can we accomplish the mission.

 I hope I can count on you, Agent!

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