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Polaroid 1000 S Land


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Everybody loves LEGO™, And everybody loves Polaroid. What if we could match it up...

What I build here is a very nice, cool camera, created by Polaroid in 1948. 

I do love LEGO™ since I was younger, And "the Polaroid style" came since about a year ago. It's just that both of them are nostalgic in so many ways. Like: LEGO™ does exist since the 80's and longer and so does Polaroid. The feeling of holding this camera is so surreal, I posted on Social Media and they're all like: "Is it really made with LEGO™ pieces?" And that's why I would share this feeling with the rest of us. To have two things at once, LEGO™ and a Polaroid.

I do think that it could be a succes because LEGO™ has always been popular and "the Polaroid style" comes back since then and is also being popular nowadays.

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