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Zandar Exploration Vessel


Zhara and Xardon plow through the planets hot, steamy jungles. Giant trees overhang the path. Suddenly a stick cracks to their right. 

"What's that?" asks Xardon.

"I don't know" Zhara replied, as she coked her pistol.

Suddenly, out of the bracken ahead, steps a faceless figure, surrounded by several large gowing pythons.

"RUN!" Sreams  Xardon.

Will they make it?, or will they be eaten by giant snakes. Only you can decide, because you are the Lego Maniac. 

This set consists of 417 bricks. It has three figures in the set, Zhara, Xardon, and the faceless figure. It also includes 8 glowing snakes and a ship. The ship itself has a ship computer, grabbers for the equipment, and a razing and lowering porthole. Its supports can be taken off for flight, and easily reattached. My expected cost would be 15-20$.

This set can be for both boys and girls.

Please make your ideas and suggestions known.