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Fishing Boat


Well be with you, the famed LEGO masters!

Would you like to become a fishing boat captain or his first mate, go fishing while hurricane is ravaging the coastline, seek adventures, meet new friends, challenge and win?

I propose a set ‘Fishing boat', that I have developed and built together with my 10 year old son Efim.

Our set has approx. 200 pieces and includes two minifigures: the captain and his first mate. Look at the picture: the first mate is holding a bottle they have just fished out of the sea. It’s up to you to guess what’s in it! May be, it’s a genie, and he will give them their three wishes. Or may be there is a save-me note, corked in it, or a treasure map!

 Playability features:

•          the boat has a fishing net, which can be lifted or thrown into the sea

•          first mate can move around in a wheelchair (this is a very rare feature, it is only in 2 LEGO sets)

•          There is light in the cabin of the boat to play in the dark


Please, give us your support!

Thanks, Roman and Efim

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