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Hollywood Redcar


Before the automobile became an everyday thing, or in some cases, gained popularity, most people travelled by rail. Between cities you would hop the train, to travel in style. Within the cities however, light rail and tramways were a common sight. 

Rumbling and zapping along the streets of Los Angeles, California were the Pacific Electric Street Cars. (More fondly known as the "The Red Cars." These single and multi unit units criss-crossed the city, earning its reputation as "the finest public transportation system in the world". For many decades this was a well known fact. It was by far the easiest and most economic way to cruise from one side of town to another wether it be from the beaches to Hollywood, or from Downtown to Covina. 

Sadly however, with the rise in automobile usage, the Pacific Electric Fell on hard times. They were then bought out by General Motors, who then scrapped the entire line in favor of building an intricate system of "Freeways". Multi-Lane highways which linked all major parts of the city together. The Red-Car would fade into oblivion. 

Now is your chance to own a fun little display featuring these fun colored art deco streetcars. The model itself is scaled down for the romance of Lego, but features all the best attributes of the original Hollywood Cars.

Up Front in the drivers area, is the large brass regulator. Behind him an area for the city folk to stand, and an area for sitting in the rear.

The features a famous crossroads, Sunset and Vine (which is located just south of Hollywood and Vine.) This fun little scene features a park bench, palm tree, and street sign board resembling that which was used all those years ago.

The Decals are not official, and the mini-figures are not set in stone (As LDD has limited options)  

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