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Blue Lantern Restaurant


"Blue Lantern Restaurant" is a three story restaurant. The bottom floor consists of several tables and chairs, ranging from one to two seats per table. The bottom floor also has a cabinet, with drawers to serve as a host area to seat guests. On the second floor there are three one-seater tables, with one 4x4 table with four chairs.


On the third floor, their is a fully functioning kitchen, with two ovens, with a 4x2 grill on top. Their are ten cabinets, some of which are mounted to the wall, while others are on the floor, the ones on the floor have drawers while the ones mounted to the wall have opening doors to store items in. There is also a sink and a cutting board in the kitchen.


I think this would make a cute set, the restaurant sits on two 16x16 plates, with a bench on the left side. With all of the windows able to open, I think it would be a nice addition, or even a base to a city scene. I have the seats arranged how I think they should look, but you could always move, add, or take some away. Ideally, it would come with at least three minifigures, a chef, and two waitresses, maybe more, to act as customers!

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