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Lego Lab Rats: Dougless's Lab


Chens Magical Staff used the Realm crystal to cross over into the Lab Rats realm. Lab Rats is a show about a boy named Leo who discovers that his step dad Davenport has three bionic super-humans in his basement who go on missions and save the world. Davenport has an evil brother named Dougless who had a partner named Crain, but Crain betrayed him and started going out of control using this machine to zap powers in you, a machine that was used to be used for good guys to get powers, he has connected it with Chens staff to get even more powers than ever. He even made a bionic soldier army.

In the right top corner you see the machine that zaps powers in you, at the middle top you can see the powers, in the left top you can see a computer and Chens staff, with the realm crystal on it. on the left side there's a table and a little room where the bionic soldiers are kept. At the bottom there are a bunch of baskets and barrals with axes and swords and a security laser. This set includes Leo, the guy with the lightning power, Davenport, the guy with he laser gun, Dougless, the guy behind the table, Crain, the on that is taller than everyone elce, and 3 bionic soldier, 1 is the girl, the others are the ones in the little room, 1 with a glow stick (as they call it in Lab Rats the show.)