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King's Throne Battle Set


Lego Ideas "King's Throne"


-About 550 pieces

-Poseable robot


-Staircase and seat to place minifig 

-Red 1x1 plates built into pillars

          Hello Lego fans once again, and today I've made a new creation to share with everyone. This is intended to be a battle play set, were you have to defend the king from a giant robot armed with a hammer.

          I made it because I wanted to try something new that Lego has never done before. I took a risk and messed up the color scheme, and I think that it turned out fantastic. The translucent red mixed with black and a bit of white gives it a futuristic personality, which is exactly what I was aiming for. It does includes a Kai minifigure from the Lego(R) Ninjago(TM) production line.


-Separates in the midsection into 2 separate parts: an outpost and a robot battle suit

-Opens up to reveal a hidden compartment with a pack of dynamite inside, a weapon only used as a last resort.

-Black slope elements are poseable



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