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Central Hospital


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The Central Hospital welcomes the citizens of your modular city in this magnificent old building with 2879 pieces. It has undergone many transformations over the years, including the addition of an essential elevator. The ground floor has access for wheelchairs to the elevator on the left side, and another one for the ambulance on the right. There is a reception with a counter, a water fountain with goblets, a coffee machine and artificial plants :) The first floor has an MRI machine, an X-Ray room, and a surgery room. The top floor has a laboratory and a room with bathroom.

I built this because I have experience in making modular buildings out of LEGO. I also saw an opportunity for a good set when I was designing it. This build took me a while to design, so if you supported it, I would be very grateful! This model has 2879 pieces and 3 floors of modular rooms. I think this would be a good set because it is large but affordable, easy to play with and dissemble, and it is easy to stack/take off the floors for maximum play. Any support is appreciated!

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