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Interesting Cube


This is an interesting cube with all sorts of interesting Lego printed tiles.

You may invite your friends and family to play this interesting cube together.

To start, you can prepare questions based on the Lego printed tiles on the cube and let your participants to answer those questions. For example, “How many horses and warrants are there?” or “Only have 5 printed tiles are marked with an ‘X’, yes or no?” or “15, 1.99, 100, 3.4 and 52. Which number does not exist? ”

You can also request the participants to find out the specified tiles in a given time. For example, “Where are the sock, ruler, cherry, moon and diamond? Find them in 30 seconds.”

If you are not satisfied with the arrangements of the Lego printed tile on the cube, you may rearrange them whichever way you like.

This interesting cube can definitely challenge your eyesight, response and thinking ability. It is also a no age-ranged set which is suitable for both adults and children.

This game set of interesting cube is also worth for collection purpose as this is an exclusive Lego set with only Lego printed tiles without using any stickers (more than 90 printed tiles, no repeated).

I hope that all of you will like this interesting game set.

Thank you very much.

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