Product Idea

Great Battles of Middle-Earth

"We come to it at last... The great battle of our time. The board is set. The pieces are moving”.
                                                                                    Gandalf, in The Fellowship of the Ring.

The Shadows  grow once more in the dark land of Mordor… Will the free people of Middle-Earth be able to unite and confront it?
In this boardgame of epic battles, one player will control the army of men and elves, and another will control the terrible forces of Sauron.
The game includes:
1. More than 70 microfigures representing different types of units (infantry, archers, leyendary heroes...).
2. A game board that reenacts significant locations in the story of The Lord of the Rings (each one designed in a space of 2x4 studs).
3. Three dice and a rulebook.
* Special rules and board game setups to reenact  the most important battles of The Lord of the Rings, such as The battle of the Pellenor Fields and the battle of Helm’s Deep. Also, special rules and board game setups for recreating very interesting  moments of the storyline and playing fun minigames!
* Some accessories that enrich each game setup with Tolkien’s lore.
I will share the rules of Great Battles of Middle Earth as the project passes through the milestones.