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Scooby Doo a Night with the Black Knight


There's Something Up the Stairs!

We have extended the lounge room for our latest update!



Howdy, folks! 

Our Haunted Manor is nearing completion with our second update.

Featured here is the other side of the feature wall. We have built a little window... but is it just a window?! 

We've also included another upstairs section with the Butler leaving a clue for Mystery Inc. to solve.

Lastly, a spooky Grandfather clock to periodically chime, sending Scoob and Shaggy into a whimpering mess!

We hope you enjoy our latest updates, we have used them for Mr 6's 366 Days of Lego project, where you can get a much better look at the full Idea.

Thanks again to anybody who votes!


"Would you do it for... A SCOOBY SNACK!?"

Our first update includes three new builds-

  • A Spooky Gargoyle Fountain
  • A Dementor'd Pipe Organ!
  • A Scooby Snack Catapult!

The Gargoyle Fountain would make an excellent feature for the outside of any haunted mansion Mystery Inc. explore. As we finish the exterior build, we decided to turn Mr 6's Dolphin Fountain into something befitting the Doo, complete with murky brown water, and overgrown foliage.

The Pipe-Organ, creates the ultimate in haunted mansion ambience, featuring a sand-green De

mentor head from the Harry Potter line, this mini-build sits perfectly on the main building right next to the talking Bust of Shakespeare.

Lastly, surrounding the house, a creepy Stepford-esque white picket fence, behind that? A mini section of a graveyard. "Ruh-Oh" Scooby most CERTAINLY would be too afraid to enter the property, so how does one get him in there? Chuck him a Scooby Snack, of course! 

We hope you enjoy our first update, more to come shortly!