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Garfield's House


Good day everyone! I would like to offer you a LEGO version of Arbuckle's residence - the house of the world-famous cat Garfield! 

The house consists of 2 floors - it's 7 incredibly detailed rooms:

- Hallway with beatiful plants, the stairs to the second floor and a mousetrap, which for some reason never works.

- Garage, full of the most different and not very useful things (Jon's Car, unfortunately, repairing at the moment). 

- Living room with a cosy fireplace, a well-known wing chair and a TV, a Garfield's bed with his loved bear Pooky, as well as a pleasant memento - the first Garfield comic strip in a frame!

- Kitchen with a door to the backyard and a bunch of different accessories, including a plate with lasagna! 

- A small bathroom with a mirror and a spacious bath. 

- Jon's cabinet with a computer desk, another TV and drawing clipboard, where great sketches with Garfield are attached! 

- Jon's bedroom with bedside tables, dresser, and of course, bed. 

The house is modular - you can disconnect the roof, remove second floor and separate both floors in half, which gives full access to any room. The set includes 3 minifigures — Garfield, Jon and Odie's buildable figure. Set consists of 2775 parts. 

This set was created to pay tribute to Garfield, who pleases people for more than 40 years. Support this set if you love Garfield and want LEGO-embodiment of this franchise!

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