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Portal 2: Old Aperture


Profile Changes

  • Thanks For All The Support Guys!
  • I Have Officially Changed My Profile NameTo SquidBlackNEO (Kind Of An Odd Name Huh?)
  • My Next Set Is Up For Approval And Should Be Out In The Next Couple Days!
  • Less Than 1 Day Untill This Set Expires!                                                                                                                                                                                   



Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas And Have A Happy New Year Everyone!


Thank You Supporters!

  • Thank You Guys All For All The Support!
  • As Of Me Seeing It On 11/15/16 This Set Is Also On The Discover Page (Along With Rocka 3.5!)
  • In The 2 Days That This Set Was Out, It Already Has 14 Supporters!
  • This Time It's A Real Surprise (Watch The Video And You'll Find Out)

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