Exo-Force- Extinguisher Class: Blazer

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Hey! Like I said, here is the second installment of my custom Exo-Force story! And this time, (as promised) it is a bad guy! Ok, here's a bit more to the story, from the evil 'bot's point of view. After reviving themselves, they found themselves in a world of vastly superior technology than what they were used to. With the new technology, and what they added with their own "special" touch, they created exo-suits that were even more technology advanced, and just plain more scary than before. Since they were in a new world (to them), they thought that they should also change how they looked and operated. More will explained and showed below. So, as for this one, he is NOT the leader of the evil robots, he just happens to be the largest exo-suit there is, whether good or bad. However, since it is "bad", the robots called in the dubbed the size class "Extinguisher". The name of the particular suit pictured above and in the other pictures is known as "Blazer".More will be explained in the next picture.

Rear view of legs:

Now, as most of you (if not all), have probably noticed that his color scheme is black, if trans-blue and chrome dark grey accents. The black is the dominant color for all the new exo-suits and the robot pilots themselves. They wanted to look menacing, and hard to see at night (when they do most of their attacks). The blue (in this case) is actually the color of energy that powers the suit. Each of the enemy robot exo-suits will have a different trans color to represent the type of energy in the suit. Where the energy comes from will be in the next slide. As for this picture, I originally had a large gap in the back, and I wanted something to fill it up that had at least a little resemblance to generators. So I finally found that and it works just fine. These "generators" are NOT rocket engines/rocket pods, but instead are special generators that cycle the energy specially just to power the legs. Being the largest of large, it needed a little more power.

Front view, cockpit open:

On the right shoulder there is a energy missile (small), and on the left there is a energy-powered minigun.

Ready to know how the energy powers the suit and where it comes from? Well, first thing you will see is that the evil robot inside is exactly two colors: black and trans-blue. The trans-blue represents the energy glowing in him....it. When the robots where "upgrading" themselves, each one injected a special and uniquely formulated energy codes. These energy codes mixed with the robots' internal processors, and eventually the robots would become more smart, agile, and "bad", if you will. Notice that there are NO levers or other methods that robot is controlling the suit. That's because the LEGO City officials and the populace don't know how the systems work.

Just doing this to help the you, the reader, to keep you spot while reading this. I know, it's long:
However, we as the ones who will fight them back, we do know. The energy is stored in the robot itself. If look near the robots hands and feet, you will several panals in the same color of energy in the robot. Those panels receive the energy being fed off by ports in the wrists and feet of the robots. Thus giving the robot a sort of "mind control" over the suit. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE for any minifigure to take control of the suit. Note, this is why other parts of the suit glow the same color, because it's being fed through the suit as a whole. It's what powers the weapons, the suit, and everything else. As researchers have found out, the longer a robot pilots the same exo-suit, the more the suit becomes self-aware. Almost as if it is slowly linking its own processor to the robot pilot, learning the pilot's thoughts and thought-processing.

One last place holder, your on the last stretch (of this slide)!:
Eventually, the suit will be able to fight for itself even when there is no pilot in it. Luckily, it seems like that would take forever. The only thing I would say to you, is to stay alert, there have already been reported encounters with the suit already fighting for itself even once the pilot was removed, however, it wasn't quite "aware" of what it was actually doing. So, even if it is piloting itself, it most likely won't be very "smart" yet.

Gun and somewhat side/angle view:

Story/detail (confusing, I know):
For the last picture, I have one of the gun. The gun is powered by the energy, so there is no need for "real" ammo. The energy is stored in the gun and charged up. When fired, it is quickly combusted and shot out of two molecular decimators that instantly erase certain molecules and atoms from the energy, making it very unstable. All at the same time, the energy becomes increasing quick. In fact, the longer it goes without touching something, the faster the energy moves. However, this does not mean you should run up to this thing head on because it will hurt less....sadly it isn't so. The force from the shot is still enough to seriously damage a exo-suit, even at close range. When the discharged energy from the weapon does it something, the energy "splashes" up against the structure of whatever it hit and creates a miniature explosion and becomes a wave of uncontrollable energy that expands usually for only a second (although, for that one second, it increases its size 6 feet in each direction!). This weapon is even more dangerous than a rocket launcher, it is recomended that you don't get anywhere near it! And if you are, you better not get hit by it or be within at least 7 feet of its blast radius. Enjoy everyone!