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Kung Fu Teahouse


Thank you for all the awesome support!

Thank you all for the support. Unfortunately, life got in the way over the past year and I didn't get a chance to build this idea out more and to promote it enough on the blogs, social media, etc.. Thank you again for all the kind words and best of luck to everyone on here with great project and dreams. Humberto


Kung Fu Teahouse: The Brickfilm

With 6 days to go I pulled together a short brickfilm to help me get the word out. With only 7 days to go and only 361 votes to go I can use all the help I can to get some coverage. I wish I would have had time to add some cool Kung Fu scenes. I'll get working on that as soon as I break 1K votes. Enjoy and thanks for all the support!


Thank You

I'm sorry there's been no progress on this project, but life has gotten in the way. But as the deadline draws near, the LEGO Ideas staff chose the Kung Fu Teahouse as a Staff Pick. As I write this, I am 521 votes away from the 1,000 votes I need to extend the deadline. So I'm going to give it all I have in these last 12 days. Thank you all for the support!


Kung Fu Teahouse: The Movie

I started shooting the Kung Fu Teahouse brickfilm last night. I had some friends record some lines in Cantonese and it sounds pretty awesome. Here are some stills. Worst part was pulling the teahouse apart to get the shots. It's going into the LUG showcase at the Hillsdale mall in Northern California (Bay Area) today and I had to make sure I could put it back together again. :)

Again, thank you for the kind words and and support. I'm only getting started.


Additional Pictures are now working

Thanks to the LEGO team, the additional pictures are now working. With the issue fixed (which affected more than my project) I will start promoting the project to the blogs and other online communities. Upcoming updates will include a some sketches for the potential minifigures (like a Shaolin Monk), a stop-motion brickfilm, and some more breakable parts for those fight scenes. Thank you all for the support and early positive feedback. I think this project has a shot and I will give it my best. Humberto

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