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RC Scorpio Trike


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Hello everyone! My love for the Lego begin in the eighties when I saw for the first time my cousin's Lego Technic. From then onwards the lego has definitely changed my way of thinking.

But let's go to the point.. The question's possible to create an rc motorcycle with a decent design?
The big challenge is how to place the power function components?.. There are many big components to place into a small motorcycle!

My idea it has been solving these problems making the components as a part to the frame, saving much space as possible without compromising the solidity of the structure.
But it is not everything.. To create a good rc motorcycle we must make it funny and possibly faster.. The L-Motor combined with a speed ratio and a big rear wheel is a good compromise.

Finally I have decided to create an off road trike very simple and very effective on rugged terrain!


-1 L-Motor
-1 Servo Motor
-1 Ir Receiver
-1 Ir Remote Control
-1 Battery Box
-Full Independent Suspension
-Cable Management System
-Sharp Design (Like a Desert Scorpion)

Thanks for your time! And stay tuned for the next updates..

Luca. Italy


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