Product Idea

Hulk Wants FIFA World Cup

One More Day


Yes, it´s the name of a Spiderman Saga, but fix with this Hulk situation.

Thanks all the green supporters. Hulk will not smash you anyway...

Civil War coming... without Hulk snif snif

Hulk Smashes Christmas


Merry Green Days !!

Hulk is very Angry!!


This project is based on the soccer brasilian player.

I think he is now green of anger cause he´s not playing the American Cup 2015.

Smash da support!!

Crazy Ideas #7


It´s the project called HulkBuster Keaton:

Iron Man has cornered Hulk on the top of the Big Ben. Hulk is gonna fall! (and we say: what!! It doesn´t matter!!:(


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