Product Idea

Stringed Instrument's

Hello, my name is DevineBricks and this is my Lego Idea.

The Lego Group has covered almost everything I can think of, so it took a good deal of brainstorming to come up with this. One thing that hasn't been covered however is music. Music brings people together, a single language that unifies all the people of the world. So I knew I had to create a musical instrument. I couldn't settle on a single design, so instead I propose 3.

Stringed instruments are arguably the most iconic and recognisable of all. At the moment I have three models: an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar and a banjo. I have used advanced building techniques throughout each model. They each have a built-in stand, as I intend them to be highly detailed display pieces.

They aren't overly complicated builds, and are all designed in scale of each other; 1:6 scale. I have put a lot of time and effort into each design, and believe that I have made them at realistic set size. My idea is also open to continuation after the original set. Imagine the possibilities; Guitars based on those of famous rock stars, iconic instruments from licensed brands.

These are the reasons I think my idea is extremely plausible as a set, thanks for viewing my idea!