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Automatic Car Wash with Attendent Booth


Hello this is my new idea called Automatic Car Wash with Attendent Booth. This has a total of 322 bricks and pieces. I will give you a quick run down of my idea. 

First I started out with green grass piece, then i used a cement base for the Automatic Car Wash and for the Attendent Booth. 

Inside the Automatic Car Wash you have two gray tracks, blue water for the undercarriage of the car or truck, two red brushs, two black brush holders, two yellow drain cracks, a white sign that has lights on it that tells what cycle the Automatic car Wash is on, two glass whitewindow frames with clear windows on the right, two glass white window frames with clear windows on the left hand side as well, the back has three blue brushes with black brush holder for drying the car or truck. 

On the outside of the Automatic Car Wash you have a enterance white sign,  two black water hose lines, on the top of the car wash, a red light on the car wash, a yellow fix it light, and a green light for go, a broom with base, a silver water bucket, on the end of the Automatic Car Wash you have a exit sign with dryer time on it.

Now for the Attendent Booth you have gray cement, in it you have a brown desk, a blue chair, a cash register with black clamp and computer, two red cash draws, credit reader/gift card, white reciept printer, a gray security camera, a telephone and telephone holder.  On the outside you have two white window hinges, two yellow fshutters, clear flat glass window, a Attendent wearing gray pants, gray shirt and gray baseball cap. 

I did not add any cars or trucks to this idea because it is a lot of fun using your own! You will have a blast!

This concludes my idea and I built this because I think it would be hours of fun and you would use your imagination. . Please feel free to share with family and friends. Don't forget to tell people you voted on Automatic Car Wash with Attendent Booth and Have a Great Day! Thanks

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