Product Idea

League of Legends: Ultimate Collection

This model is a Lego version of the ultra-popular game called League of Legends.
The basic objective of League of Legends is to infiltrate and destroy the enemy base.

This model includes:
The ultra-powerful Baron Nashor.
The Baron Nashor is most likely the most well-known monster in the game, so I made it the biggest of the four monsters.
I made the retro, 2009 version of the Baron Nashor because I like the design of that one more than the new one.
I used purple and pink pieces to make the beast extra vibrant, as well as gray for the stone cliffs around it, and transparent green for the venom pool at the bottom

The Blue Sentinal.
The Blue Sentinal was pretty difficult to design, because of it's odd shape, but I managed to create a realistic model of the monster using dark gray and transparent dark blue to make it.
The model is surrounded by more stone cliffs and a cool-shaped base.

Infernal Dragon:
The Cloud Dragon and the Infernal Dragon have the same shape, in the game, and in my model.
This model uses mainly maroon, red, and brown to create the fire dragon look.

Cloud Dragon:
I used special colors to make this model, like gold, yellow, and glowing white to make sure the dragon looked as realistic as possible.

The Minifigures:
There is an Aatrox Minifigure, an Azir Minifigure, and Amumu the Sad Mummy Minifigure to complete the project.