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Battle of Kashyyyk

This a set depicting the battle of Kashyyyk from Star Wars Ep. III. It includes 3 Wookiee Warriors, 2 Kashyyyk Troopers, 3 B1 battle droids, 1 B2 super battle droid, and 1 41st elite corps trooper. Also included are a STAP, 1 DSD1 dwarf spider droid, 1 Kashyyyk barricade, a laser cannon turret, and a small command center. The set includes 231 pieces and would be priced around $25.

The command center includes space for both Kashyyyk trooper's blaster rifles and a pair of electrobinoculars, long-range communication and scanning equipment, and control panels.

The blaster Turret at a 45 degree angle. The laser cannon turret can rotate a full 360 degrees and the cannon can aim up and down. I based the turret on the ones that appear in the Battlefront game series. The turret(including the trooper)is made up of 48 pieces.

The amphibious dwarf spider droid. The dwarf spider droid has a longer and thicker cannon and has been repainted sand blue.

Everything that is included.

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