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City Square Escalator


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City Square Escalator


What is it?
This is a working escalator!  With a turn of the small crank, one side goes up and the other comes down.  LEGO mini-figures can ride the escalator up and down!  The City Square Escalator comes complete with a snack stand and employee, newspaper stand and employee, maintenance worker, a family of patrons and other LEGO figures and features.  There are a total of ten mini-figures included.  With two levels of fun, this set offers the imagination a great place to play.

To power the escalator, the small crank may be used, or with the optional LEGO Power Functions and Motor, the escalator can move on its own with the flip of a switch.  The gear ratio has been adjusted (with the LEGO “worm” gear) so that the escalator moves at a slower, more realistic, speed. 

Why did you build it?
Moving staircases have been in use since the 19<sup>th</sup> Century and are common in airports, train stations, subways, hotels, office buildings and shopping malls.  More than just “transport” escalators seem to offer a look both into the past and into the future as people are mechanically carried toward a destination. 

My son LOVES riding on escalators and since he was a toddler, we would take extra “rides” on them whenever we could.  Therefore, when we could not seem to locate a LEGO set that included a real working escalator, we decided to create one.  We wanted to include a LEGO family to enjoy the escalator, as well as LEGO features, like food including muffins and cookies.  Mom and Dad even have glasses for a toast.

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
We think a lot of kids LOVE escalators.  By using primarily “bricks” and not “technic” this escalator provides a “city” feel and would be a nice addition to a LEGO scene with a train or many other LEGO buildings.  While offering a challenge for younger builders, this set could offer builders of any age a great addition to their LEGO world. 

The main feature of this set is the working escalator, so the snack stand, newspaper stand and other features are scaled back so the escalator is the main focus here.

Help us make the LEGO City Square Escalator become a real set!

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