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Future Mars Rover



Hello everyone,

Let me introduce you to my latest Lego creation, ‘Mars Rover’ designed for Mars exploration missions.  It is a very robust model but the same time flexible enough to hover on rough Mars terrain.

Here are some of the key features of Mars Rover:

1. Main control or the cockpit is at the top level of the rover
2. There are flat pieces fitted so that the roof of the cockpit can come off easily
3. It has tank threads to travel on uneven terrain on Mars 
4. It has a mini rover to maneuver in cramped up areas on Mars
5. It comes with a special room to take along a Monkey on Mars mission
6. It has a built in pulley system to pull heavy objects

I hope you all like my creation and would appreciate if you would support the same to take it to the next level and beyond for everyone to experience this fun and exciting Lego building game.



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