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Mini Version of Volkswagen Beetle


Chubby Cadillac.

hi guys, sorry but I'm inspired the past two weeks and so I came up with these Lego Chubby Cars MOC. This time is the classic Cadillac. I made this car because my uncle used to have one and together took a ride. Nice car and timeless. I hope I captured it here on my design. Thanks and keep on supporting.


Lego Chubby Classic.

hi guys, made another car and now it's the chubby classic. Very cute and of course it's wel scaled with a minifigure. Hope you like it guys and keep on supporting this project.


Chubby Porsche Carrera

Hi guys, I just added a Porsche Carrera on the chubby cars set.


Lego chubby Ferrari

hi guys, Ijust made a chubby Ferrari. It's cute and adorable and any color will do in this car. This will be a great addition to the Lego cities fan. As you can see in the photos it is well scaled with a minifigure. A great mini version of the Ferrari car. Help me put this project into reality so you can purchase them in Lego stores. Please keep on supporting. Thanks.


Lego chubby cars

I made two cars, the roadster and the chubby ford. These two new cars are an amazing addition to my beetle. I have decided to make this into one project ( if Lego will allow? ). A very nice chubby cars that perfectly match the scale of a minifigure. A nice addition to your Lego cities collections. Please keep on supporting this project and thank you very much.


Engine block Lego Volkswagen Beetle

hi, I added an engine block to my beetle. It's not that accurate but it does represent the beetle engine. I also change the rear wind shield en took a foto of the beetle on my palm to show how small and compact the beetle MOC. I hope you like it and please keep on supporting this project.


Interior details Lego beetle

I incorporated a steering wheel, speedometer  and a lamp. I also changed the color of the seat so it will be much noticeable and well detailed. Please keep supporting this project. I'm planning to make the same design in diffrent colors like yellow, pink and orange. Thanks and keep on supporting this project.


Lego beetle cabriolet.

took off the vw beetle roof and it still looks great. I just added a four by four flat brick to cover the studs at the back end. Enjoy and keep supporting this awesome project. Thank you very much.


Video 360 mini version Lego beetle

just made a video of my beetle design to show that it has the right scale for a minifigure. This will be a great addition to your collections and awesome to display with your Lego cities.


Volkswagen Beetle mini version size comparison

just want to show the scale of my MOC Volkswagen Beetle to Corvette Lego speed champions.

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