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Emma's Nursery

I have recreated Emma's tower nursery from ABC's Once Upon A Time TV series. In the series, the room was decorated by Snow White and Prince Charming for their baby-on-the-way, Emma. According to the show, it was the room that Snow and Charming had planned to raise her in and enjoy the beautiful moments of parenting (baby's first step, first word, first laugh, etc.) Unfortunately none of that happened because they had to put the newborn in the wardrobe to keep her safe from the Evil Queen's curse. The room has a baby crib, tiled floor, bookshelves, toys, balcony, a magic wardrobe, and so much more. Toys consist of: Small black ape Brown teddy bear Light brown dog Tan book Blue dolphin Baby white lamb Light brown baby deer Tan lion cub Yellow fish Grey bunny Red parrot Blue sparrow Purple turtle I designed this so that the buyer can arrange the toys on the shelves to their liking and place the wardrobe wherever. It took me 2 months to completethis project. I started building it by hand, but found I didn't have enough parts and too costly to buy them. The most difficult part was looking at the different lit pictures of the room too see how it is arranged. Once Upon A Time is a TV show only growing in popularity. There have been rumors about it being made into a lego series. If so this would be a great piece in it. If the rumors are just that, then it would still be a great set independently. Also it's one of those sets that could be marketed to almost any age group. If you are a Once Upon A Time fan, please support this project so that you and everyone else can have the opportunity to make it an addition to their collection.

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