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"The Mitchells vs. The Machines"

i want to introduce you my project based on a beautiful animated movie made by a bunch of wierd people- "the Mitchells vs the Machines". I was so impressed with this movie and i loved it with my whole heart. i realised that this movie needs to be in LEGO form and i decided to make my own project.
Project contains Mitchell's family car, part of destroyed road, 2 Pal-bots and bunch of evil appliances. Pal bots suppose to have 2 additional heads with Eric and Deborah face-prints. Set also include all 5 members of Mitchells family- Linda, Rick, Aaron, Katie and Monchi. As an acsessories i decided to make wooden Moose, Rick's coupon on driving lesson, Katie's camera, Linda's handbag and some handful things that can help our heroes survive an apocalypse. Car is wierdly-shaped also as a car in movie. i tryed to make it comfy inside and it can contain not only all members of Mitchells family but also 2 pal bots in a trunk. Roof and trunk can open up for a better access.
So, i think this project can be a perfect LEGO set, because this movie represent a lot of important things like family, trust and love. This set could be a LEGO monument for all families around the world and a liitle reminding that even if we're not perfect- we're together no matter what

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