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Lego Caveman: Ultra Dinosaur Race


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Roar! Help, dinosaurs are chasing me help!  Hello everyone, Henny here with another news report. As you see, I was just being chased by a  lounge of T.Rex dinosaurs. I barely escaped those wild reptiles alive. Well, those dinosaurs are pretty aggressive but, I can't blame them for being angry with me. Truly those dinosaurs are pretty harmless, until you become confrontational, or just simply call them names. I called them Lego figures, but I was only being honest.  I'm not sure if those dinosaurs were racing or just chasing me. Well, I guess that's a different story. Now let's get on to the main topic.  We now have our first LEGO caveman set, right here, on the LEGO Ideas site. Yes, you guys heard me correctly. Anyway, just look at this 192 piece set, sick, right? It comes with many Dinosaur's ready to race with their fellow owners, the cave men. That's not all: this particular set is designed to take away the opportunity of a draw/ tie because of the skinny finish line that only can fit one Dino at a time. Anyway, if you often browse on the LEGO ideas website and you find this set, your support would be greatly appreciated. Why not?  If you guys have any ideas or improvements related to this set, I will try my best to fulfill your wish, I mean why not? 



Anyway this is Henny4315 signing off. 

PS: If this reaches 50 supporters or beyond I'll create a huge Dinosaur Arena.

PPS:If this reaches 1,000 then I'll make a huge LEGO caveman: Dinosaur Figure and if it some how reaches 10,000( it probably won't) I'll make a LEGO caveman ultimate collectors set. Also stay tuned for more sets and don't forget to have a great day. 

Chow guys.