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Lego Accessories: Watch


Lego Accessories: Watch

This Lego watch, inspired by Rolex's design and color scheme(greys and golds) complete with studs representing buttons such as stopwatch or alarm and a cog that alters the the hands, an hour hand and a minute  hand set at 90* (sorry it doesn't actually tell time very well) plus four gold studs representing 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock, could be the best accessory letting everyone know that you are a "LEGO ADDICT!" the strap is completely bendable so it could fit round anything including a Lego display case. Also you can have up to 28 links making it able fit your wrist even if you're the Mighty Hulk. On the base of the Watch is a smooth tile for maximum comfort. This is an extremely simple, yet effective build that could be used by a large range of ages(3-333)

Hope you like it!!!



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