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Freightliner FLA 9664

This is the Legendary truck of the USA! It just has to be - no comments!)
This time, I built a giant-sized legendary Freightliner FLA 9664 truck on the PF control system.
Length 58 cm.
Width 23.5 cm.
The height of the pipe is 34cm.
- L Motor on steering wheel
- 2XL on the move
- 1M cab lift motor paired with 2 large actuators
- 2 pairs of LEDs for headlights
- 2 small BB in banks
- 2 standard PF receivers
- 6 cylinder engine
- Steering wheel rotates with wheels
- Saddle with semi-automatic coupling
- Dependent suspension of all axles
- Doors and hatches open
- Detailed interior
- Shock-absorbing seats

Thank you for your support!

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