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The Polar Express


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 In 1985, acclaimed children's author Chris Van Allsburg released a children's book called the Polar Express, which is about a boy going to see Santa on a magical Steam Train that travelled to the North Pole. The book was widely acclaimed, even winning the Caldecott award, one of the highest awards possible for a children's book. In 2004, Warner Brothers Studios alongside self- acclaimed filmed director Robert Zhemechis adapted the book into a full length animated movie named, yep, you guessed it, The Polar Express.

    The set you see above you would include the 2-8-4 Steam Locomotive, similar to the one in the movie. It's simplistic design would make it easier to build for the younger folks, and to stay true to it's appearance in the movie. Behind it, the tender provides the means of power for the model, and includes the 8884 IR reciever, the 8879 IR speed controller, the 8878 rechargable battery box, the 88002 train motor (2x) and the 8887 10V DC Transformer.  

 Next comes 3 passenger cars. the first is the abandoned toy car, where an army of mistreated toys and Marionettes (represented by LEGO Microfigures) rust away, providing a creepy atmosphere. the next car is just a normal passenger car, with 5 seats to seat your Minifigures. finally, there's the observation car, where Billy from the poor end of town sits all by his lonesome, and includes a rounded observation deck, just like the one in the movie.  

     Also included is a loop of track with a siding for your train to run around. the centerpiece of which is a snowy tunnel with only one stud clearance, like Flat Top Tunnel from the Movie. And to top it all off, a small handcar driven by two of Santa's elves. 

 There are 12 minifigures included in this set: the Hero Boy, the Hero Girl, the Know-it-all kid, Billy, the conductor, the hobo, Steamer the Engineer, Smokey the Fireman, the hot chocolate chef, the hot chocolate waiter, and 2 elves. 

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