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Teen Titans: T-Ship/Sub


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When there's trouble you know who to call - Teen Titans! Bringing back the nostalgia with the teenagers who showed us what it meant to be a team and tolerate each other through the struggles of living together in a giant tower. More importantly, they have to protect Jump City from the villains who will do anything to stop them from thwarting their plans. Join Robin, Cyborg, Star-Fire, Super-Boy, and Zatanna in their mission to save the day in style! Beast Boy and Raven were hard to come by so I improvised as you can tell.

Introducing one of their modes of transportation, the T-Ship.Can travel through air, space, the deepest depths of the ocean and also down the road at the pizza joint for a slice. Let's just hope Cyborg doesn't get pizza crumbs on the seat cushions. This ship was a real work in progress for me because this is the fourth time I've remodeled this specific project where I didn't have the color orange before I knew about ordering pieces online and coped with various colors. 

Fun Fact:

- These are five individual ships that connect to together to make a whole!

Making them connect was the tricky part which took months of pondering around town, watching extensive amounts of cartoons and having epiphanies during work out of the blue. Aside that, rather than having to go mission to mission as a group, your team can go their own ways to wherever evil reigns or better yet, there is power in numbers so do as ya please! 

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