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Nature's Reside

What is it?
This build is my first attempy at a MOC using the free-style technique. In the future I shall be making more builds using this technique, however I thought this MOC was good enough to be displayed here. As you can see, the build features a grassy area placed on top of a rock formation. Two fish jubp from their protective pond to welcome a wandering minifigure going for a brisk stroll through the forest.
Why did I build it?
As I said earlier, I wanted to try out the free-form building technique and I really wanted to submit another product idea before school ended.
Why do I believe it would make a great Lego set?
I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again - besides a few sets, Lego doesn't really focus on nature. I believe a detailed forest scene would make a great add-on to any home.

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