Modular Convenience Store

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So far there is a cafe and market in lego modular city, but sometimes minifigs need to pick up food on the go. That's where the modular convenience store comes in. Hurried shoppers in lego world can come in, look through the shelves or in the freezer to find what they want, and pay for it at the checkout, all in a matter of minutes. There is also a TV to keep up on the latest news.

The roof is removable and inside there is a drink machine, popcorn maker, shelves of items, a checkout, a freezer, and a TV on the wall. It's got everything a minifigure could want to buy!

The freezer has shelves to keep items cold.

On the removable roof, behind the sign, there is a vent, a generator, piping, and other details.

There are 4 minifigures included, from left to right man with green shirt, lady with shopping cart, boy with pizza shirt and store employee.

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