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Settlers Cabin!



You can bring the great outdoors inside with the Log Cabin set. Packed with great details like wooden logs, and tree's, and opening doors and windows, this LEGO log cabin can be an ideal wilderness getaway. Collectors and kids ages 7-12 can love building the cabin setup and pretending to sit around the open fire with rotisserie and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with fireside chats and camp songs. bricks can be easily rebuilt into a country retreat or a river hut. Building the country retreat setup can make you feel like you’ve left the city, and it features a garden, for those long talks on the front porch. Just as easily as the cabin can be turned into the country retreat, it can also be turned into a hunting cabin.outdoor stove, and furniture. You can pretend you’re living off the land, or the water, with the little cabin hut setup. You can escape to play in several settings in the LEGO countryside by building this Log Cabin set. When you finish constructing the  Log Cabin,  The  Log Cabin play set can provide you with the enjoyment of a wilderness adventure in which you can live vicariously through minifigures while playing inside the house. The Log Cabin play set was  part of my Idea about what a log cabin lookes like.  The set features 5 family members, in fact kids and adults alike can love the log cabin set. The  Log Cabin play set comes with 3 pigs 1 bird 3 chickens 1 dog., country . Before you know it, Log Cabin play set can be one of your favorite sets on lego ideas.

The youngest is 7 years old and his name is boby

The mom is 45 years old and her name is brenda

The dark colard skin guy is 19 years old and his name is jeff

The dad is right out in front of the house he's 51 years old his name is ben

The other kids name is sam and he's 15 

I've allways wanted to build a family cabin please support!


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