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The Lord of the Rings Microscenes – The Rivendell Throne


The Lord of the Rings Microscenes – The Rivendell Throne : Inspired by the very successful lines of LEGO LOTR and The Hobbit sets, why not expand that world by introducing small vignettes, recreating iconic locations from Tolkien’s imagination.  These scaled down sets would make for fun display pieces in any collection !

Isolated in a rarely seen part of Rivendell, Elrond’s throne is nevertheless guarded by one of his trustee elf. The throne is one with its surroundings, with its inner chamber carved within the rock.  Traces of vegetation and mineral can also be found. Once the Council is over, Elrond may retreat there to think about what has been put in motion… His ruminations will be illuminated long into the night, with the addition of torches on both sides of the throne.  And in case of a sneaky attack, a bow and a quiver are readily available to leap into action!

The color palette is similar to the one used in the LEGO Council of Elrond set (79006). The Rivendell Throne could even be added to that set with the use of Technic pieces! The microscene can also be added to other existing LEGO sets to create a giant LOTR environment.

Each microscene would come with one LEGO minifigure and accessories.

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